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Ceiling & Wall Products Range

Browse our range of mineral fibre ceiling panels, metal ceilings, and acoustic wood and wood wool ceiling panels. Our materials, textures and colours inspire high performance ceiling and wall design solutions that turn interior spaces into amazing experiences.

Our Product Range

Mineral Fibre & Soft Fibre

Mineral fibre and soft fibre ceiling tiles offer superior quality, aesthetics, performance and sound absorption. Mineral fibre ceiling panels are produced in a wet process that uses natural, sustainable and renewable raw materials, while soft fibre ceiling panels are formed utilising high absorbing mineral wool. Ideal for open plan commercial applications including offices, libraries and lecture theatres.

  • Sound-absorbing and sound blocking acoustic performance
  • High level of comfort and cleanliness
  • Easy-clean panels
  • Wide design flexibility

Metalworks Metal Ceilings

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks products are a class apart in metal ceiling solutions. Providing the industry’s broadest range of metal ceiling solutions in curves, clouds, baffles, panels, and planks in standard, custom, or one-of-a-kind looks to meet both your design and functional needs.

  • Sound-absorbing and sound blocking acoustic performance
  • High level of comfort and cleanliness
  • Easy-clean
  • Wide design flexibility

Wood Wool 

Using high-quality raw materials and innovative production technologies, KNAUF Ceiling Heradesign wood wool ceilings offer a multitude of design possibilities and applications. The ‘warm’ character of the wood wool structure combined provide outstanding acoustic solutions that improve concentration, efficiency and performance. Offer a quick and easy solution for many different applications including education, sports, office, infrastructure, entertainment and recreational facilities.

  • Excellent noise absorption
  • Design flexibility, wide range of colours
  • Can be applied to common surfaces such as wood, drywall, masonry or steel
  • Sustainable option

Woodworks Wood Ceilings

Elegant in every textural detail, wood ceiling tiles and wall panels have a warmth and richness few other building materials can match. Our range of wood ceiling panels will help bring your big ideas to life and give your creations a unique sense of style.

  • Luxurious, sleek aesthetics
  • High performance
  • Clear UV coating to protect from ageing and sunlight
  • Design flexibility
  • Acoustic performance

Feltworks Felt Panels

Feltworks Acoustical Panels and Baffles allow for a unique look for any space with a soft visual texture that quietens down interiors. Reduce noise and define spaces with felt ceiling panels and wall solutions that absorb up to 80% of the sound that strikes them. These are Eco-preferable products which help your building project meet the most stringent industry sustainability standards today.

  • Acoustic performance: Excellent sound absorption
  • Various installation options available as wall or ceiling covering
  • Wide design flexibility
  • Eco-preferable product

Acoustic Gypsum Ceiling & Wall Panels

KNAUF Danoline Acoustical Gypsum ceiling and wall panels are made of non-combustible, lightweight materials that offer exceptional sound absorption and sound blocking performance. A sustainable building material featuring distinctive perforations that provide both performance and elegance to any space or ceiling.

  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • High level of comfort & cleanliness
  • Easy-clean
  • Wide design flexibility
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) verified

Ceiling Suspension System

Suspended ceilings or concealed ceiling grid systems offer a clean, professional appearance with sound-absorbing properties. Browse our range of ceiling suspension systems from INTER, KNAUF Ceiling Solutions, and more.

  • Designed to coordinate and complement a range of ceiling materials
  • Integrate seamlessly with all types of service elements
  • High performance

Calcium Silicate Ceiling & Wall Panels

INTER reinforced calcium silicate boards are an advanced building material suitable for internal or external wall and ceiling solutions. INTER calcium silicate ceiling panels are environmentally-friendly, health and safety compliant, making it an ideal material for humid areas, general areas in hospitals, sports arenas, hotels, public building structures, and residential buildings.

  • Durable and dimensionally stable product
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Mould-resistant
  • 100% asbestos-free

Architectural Wire Mesh

GKD Metal Fabrics offers technologically advanced metal fabric meshes suitable for large or small-scale applications, for interior and exterior building spaces. These architectural meshes help boost energy efficiency and provide comfortable environments.

  • Customizable design solutions
  • Enable unique façade, ceiling, and wall designs
  • Flexible or rigid stainless steel or aluminium wire meshes

Not sure which ceiling, wall and partition solution is right for your project?

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