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Education Projects

Browse through our gallery of completed projects for educational institutions.

CASE STUDY 1: SOKA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, NEGERI SEMBILANElevated Aesthetics and Acoustic Ceiling Solutions that Add Value

Soka International School Malaysia (SISM) offers comprehensive education embodying Soka’s humanistic values. As an institution that nurtures future leaders and global citizens, the school needed appropriately functional ceiling solutions to complement the environment.

TSI Trading education project SOKA International School Malaysia with colourful tinted glass

The Solution

We chose to install KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Heradesign Superfine wood wool acoustic panels in the school’s multi-purpose hall and classrooms, addressing the need for effective acoustic treatment without compromising aesthetics.

The Results

The SISM multi-purpose hall transforms seamlessly between a gym, basketball and badminton court, and a venue for large assemblies. To enhance sound attenuation and absorption, we strategically installed Heradesign Superfine decorative acoustic tiles on the hall’s walls, mitigating noise from the reflective floors. The vibrant layout not only reduces noise but also introduces a burst of refreshing colour. In classrooms, bright white ceiling tiles were chosen for their superior sound absorption, attenuation, and light reflectance, ensuring a serene and comfortable learning environment.

Soka International School, Negeri Sembilan

CASE STUDY 2: RAFFLES AMERICAN SCHOOL, JOHORMotivating Students and Educators with First-class Ceilings for a World-class Campus

Set among lush rolling hills in Iskandar, Johor, the Raffles American School campus was designed to accommodate 2,000 young students. Like any school, college, or university – educational institutions are complex ecosystems, each room serving a different purpose and objective. Thus, the campus needed a ceiling solution that will support various specific uses while balancing the needs of both students and educators. Inadequate acoustics and poor lighting are some of the main challenges for students to learn properly in classrooms.

TSI Trading education project using KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks C Plank ceiling tiles at RAS school building

The Solution

While each space has its own requirements and intricacies – all of it must be optimised for the students’ learning experience. A sports hall often serves as a multipurpose space catering to a broad range of functions -from sports training to hosting competitions. Hard, reflective surfaces can make the environment loud and noisy, or in other words, offer very poor acoustics. To overcome these challenges, the KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Capz system is selected as the ideal choice for this space.

Furthermore, a library with poor ceiling design and lighting can cause eye strain and fatigue, hampering a student’s ability to concentrate. To maximise the functionality of this space, KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks C Plank were installed beneath the stairs area.

The Results

On top of achieving a contemporary design with sleek, versatile panels – these Armstrong Metalworks perforated panels installed the sports hall aid in improving acoustical performance for better sound absorption and to minimise loud noises with impact resistance. Armstrong Metalworks’ white panels offer high light reflectance, resulting in brighter spaces with better visibility – perfect for places made for reading. This series of ceiling panels are resistant to mould and mildew, easily washable, and make good hygiene easy to maintain for a healthier learning environment

Raffles American School, Johor

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks C Plank, KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Capz

CASE STUDY 3: INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF KUALA LUMPUR, KUALA LUMPURCreating Visually-pleasing Learning Environments with Modern Ceilings

International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) is the first Malaysian school to achieve Platinum Green Building Index (GBI) status.
Consisting of 4 blocks of classrooms for Elementary, Middle, High School and Performance Arts Centre building, the school needed a suitably modern and functional ceiling solution.

TSI Trading education project of a school building with brick pathway and a gazebo

The Solution

The linear profile of KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Baffles in white are the perfect fit that complements the overall design language of the school campus. Applied throughout the campus corridors, these extruded baffles integrate into the buildings facade perfectly.

The Results

Simple linear visuals line the open corridors across the school campus, creating an airy, light look and feel. The powder coated surface of the extruded baffles ensures enhanced resistance against wear and tear, a must-have feature for outdoor ceilings that are exposed to weather conditions. Being exposed to rain will not damage the panels, making them the ideal, long-lasting choice for applying in corridors.

International School of Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

CASE STUDY 4: PENANG DIGITAL LIBRARY, PENANGThe Ideal Ceiling Acoustics For Quiet Comfort

Initiated by the Penang State Government, the Penang Digital Library aims to reengineer how information is curated and consumed in this digitally-driven world with a library without books. The building features heavy inclusion of natural light and green landscaping, and required solutions designed to create an environment where people can read, collaborate, and research comfortably.

TSI Trading education project of Penang Digital Library with wooden wall planks and warm colour house

The Solution

We selected a combination of two types of Armstrong products for this project, namely the KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Ultima mineral ceiling tiles and Armstrong Silhouette Suspension Tee Grid for their aesthetic visuals, acoustical performance, and ease of installation. In addition to a balanced acoustic performance, a library intended to promote human collaboration must also have a welcoming environment with appropriate lighting and minimal glare, which can be achieved with KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Ultima ceiling tiles.

The Results

Designed specifically for total acoustic performance, KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Ultima has a sound absorption coefficient of 0.70, and good sound attenuation (39dB), effectively balancing noise levels to increase concentration and create a quieter library space. The aesthetically pleasing smooth mineral texture in white offers high light reflectance, working well with the abundant natural light sources for better eye comfort for library users. The tile panels are soil resistant, impact resistant, scrubbable, and resist mould growth. KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Silhouette suspension system provides a flat surface with the panels, giving a neat and appealing look to the ceilings.


Universiti Teknologi Petronas is a research university located in Bandar Seri Iskander, Perak. Focused on educating young Malaysians through engineering, science and technology, the campus required ceiling solutions fitted to realise a comfortable study environment for students and researchers.

TSI Trading education project of a commercial building with metal sun shading blindings

The Solution

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Ultima Semi Concealed System was the option to accommodate the university’s architectural concept, with its exposed grid accented in a linear manner to produce a striking impact.

The Results

Ease of access and maintenance of mechanical and electrical elements are two of the primary benefits of this linear ceiling layout. KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Ultima Semi Concealed System comes with key features of one way exposed grid with choice of standard 24mm Prelude or 32mm Top Hat. The range of compatible plank system in K2C2 edge profile ensures 100% demountability and re-use of components. The flexibility of panel length is adjustable to suit the integrated ceiling with all M&E elements.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Perak