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Hospitality Projects

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CASE STUDY 1: CROWNE PLAZA, PENANG STRAITS CITY, PENANGCreating A Grand Welcome for Hotel Guests with Modern Ceiling Design

Integrated as part of Straits City’s 40-acre, sustainable high-end development, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts in Penang is set to be the project’s flagship hotel on Butterworth’s waterfront. Offering sweeping views of the Straits of Penang, this premium hotel required a lobby with suitably impressive ceiling solutions to impress and welcome guests, while not compromising on functional performance.

Crowne Plaza apartment with multiple windows lights on at night

The Solution

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Box Plank was chosen as the ideal fit for the high-end hotel.

The Results

Armstrong Metalworks Box Plank’s linear profile easily creates a modern, discontinuous visual in the hotel’s lobby area. The sophisticated wood grain effect help capture the brand’s personality, as well as add visual interest.

Crowne Plaza, Straits City, Penang


The Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque in Putrajaya seamlessly blends the elements of nature, cutting-edge technology, and rich historical architecture, creating a distinctive synthesis. To ensure the optimal comfort of both worshippers and visitors, the project required a comprehensive ceiling solution for climate control.

The Solution

For ensuring optimum climate conditions, we applied the GKD Metal Fabrics Escale 7×1 stainless steel spiral mesh on the façade of the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque. This metal mesh connects the building’s rectangular openings architecturally while performing crucial functions like climate control, solar protection, and weather protection.

The Results

Structural steel work with geometric design ornamentation characterises the 24 metre high façade as a modern interpretation of Islamic architecture. The sophisticated facade cladding comprises 4,300 m² of Escale 7×1 stainless steel spiral mesh, engineered to withstand Malaysia’s hot and humid tropical climate demands. The stainless steel mesh is resistant to corrosion and heat, low maintenance, non-combustible, resistant to mechanical influences and highly durable. Each mesh element is 7.70m wide and up to 8.30m long, with three connected at a time to allow the facade cladding to appear visually seamless, highlighting the impressive height of the building façade and its windows.

The woven metal fabric shell is attached using hook bolts that remain invisible, thereby supporting the architectural design objectives of simplicity and transparency. The woven mesh not only offers protection from drafts, but also allows the right amount of cooling air to pass through, providing the main prayer hall with natural climate control. Furthermore, depending on the position of the viewer and the incidence of light, the cladding may appear semi-transparent or opaque, with a shimmering metallic effect or simply pale grey. At night, an illumination brings the transparency of the woven façade shell into the limelight.

Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque, Precint 3, Putrajaya

GKD Metal Fabrics Escale 7×1