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Retail Projects

Browse through our gallery of completed projects for the retail sector.

CASE STUDY 1: TRX RETAIL MALL, KUALA LUMPURHigh Performing & Aesthetic Solutions Suited for KL’s Vibrant Shopping Hub

The focal point of the TRX development is The Exchange TRX, a lifestyle precinct that offers immersive experiences encompassing vibrant shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment. To uphold the cohesive design quality of this prestigious project, the ceiling solutions needed to deliver a level of aesthetics, sustainability, and performance.

The Solution

When deciding on the ideal solution for the mall’s concourse, corridors, and carpark areas, KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks series were the first choice for its superior design flexibility, robustness, and performance features, particularly KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Baffles, KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Open Cell panels, KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong  Metalworks R-H200 Hook-on Panels, and KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong  Metalworks D-H700 ceiling canopy.

The Results

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Baffles extruded aluminium’s modern linear appearance provides creativity while also allowing airflow through the slab above. This solutions makes maintenance easy with simple removal, and its flexibility allows spacing to be adjusted on site. KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Open Cell panels offer a futuristic, unique design with its crisp white finish that’s 100% accessible for easy M&E maintenance, while also being able to prevent large particulars from falling down onto vehicles below. KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks D-H700 ceiling canopy systems were also chosen for its floating, modular flexibility that allow easy integration of lighting, air conditioning and other equipment. KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks R-H200 Hook-on panel system is a sophisticated and simple metal ceiling installed with concealed grid for a clean visual, also aiding in improving acoustic performance of the space.

CASE STUDY 2: IKEA JOHOR | IKEA CHERAS | IKEA PENANGCreating the Ideal Retail Experience for a Leading Home Furniture Brand

One of the most well-known home furnishing brands in the world, IKEA needs no introduction. Over the course of a few years, IKEA has expanded its stores fourfold across various locations in Malaysia, namely with IKEA Tebrau in the south, IKEA Batu Kawan up north, and IKEA Cheras in central KL. As a global brand, these IKEA stores needed ceiling solutions that aligned with their brand vision and design ideals.

Top view of Ikea with blue wall paint and yellow letter sign

The Solution

IKEA’s dining and food preparation areas needed products that helped maintain excellent hygiene levels and provide a welcoming, comfortable environment for patrons to enjoy their meals. KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Bioguard Plain ceiling tiles were the ideal choice for the food prep area, where antimicrobial performance is needed. For the restaurant dining areas, KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Dune ceiling tiles and KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Axiom Classic vertical trim were applied.

The Results

The Armstrong Bioguard series ceiling tiles’ anti-microbial and anti-mould performance makes them the go-to choice for spaces that require superior hygiene levels, as the tiles help keep the food prep areas safe from specific strains of bacteria. Water-repellant and washable, the surface is easy to clean and maintain, thus achieving ISO Class 5 Clean Room performance. The dining hall area sees large crowds daily, so good acoustic performance is needed to maintain comfort for all patrons. On rainy days, the metal roofing structure increases noise and disturbs the ambience, making the space less constructive for conversations and communication. To overcome this problem, Armstrong Dune ceiling tiles with Armstrong Axiom Classic vertical trims were installed above all M&E components for their superior sound attenuation and sound absorption capabilities. The high light-reflectance of these white mineral ceiling tiles also add to creating the bright and welcoming ambience IKEA is known for.


For any establishment that wants to keep customers coming back for more, creating a welcoming ambience to dine and gather is key. Our client needed a unique ceiling solution that fit their design vision without compromising on guests’ comfort.

A full pack restaurant with Japanese writing on the wooden ceiling tiles

The Solution

To make sure their new restaurant and bar is a feast for the eyes, KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Mesh was used to complement the space’s contemporary design

The Results

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Rhombic 4 expanded mesh provides a contemporary design aesthetic that achieves an industrial and contemporary look. Installed on the Armstrong XL 32 Suspension Grid System, these black metal mesh panels made of powdercoated galvanised steel neatly conceal the plenum.