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INTER Calcium Silicate Board

INTER Calcium Silicate Board is the superior choice for durable, environmentally-friendly building materials. Made with a combination of Portland cement, fine silica sand and calcium silicate material, these calcium silicate boards are also reinforced with cellulose fibres. This transforms it into an advanced building material suitable for internal or external wall partitions and ceiling systems.


Data Sheet

Advanced Calcium Silicate Building Materials with High Performance Across the Board

INTER Calcium Silicate Boards are durable and dimensionally stable panels, possessing unique features such as acoustic insulation, fire resistance, impact resistance, mould resistance, and water resistance. This makes it more resistant to softening, swelling, or crumbling. Additionally, these calcium silicate boards are 100% asbestos-free, environmentally friendly, and health and safety compliant. This makes INTER Calcium Silicate Boards are an ideal material for use in ceiling systems and wall partition systems for both indoor and outdoor applications. This makes it the superior choice for use in healthcare areas like hospitals, schools, sports arenas, and other commercial, residential architecture building structures.


  • Panel Thickness: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm
  • Panel Size: 595mm x 595mm / 595mm x 1195mm / 1220mm x 2440mm
  • System: Concealed Ceiling System, Suspended Ceiling System, Wall Partition System

Key Features

Thermal Conductivity

0.11 W/m.K

Moisture Content


Anti-Bend Strength


High STC Value
Termites Resistant
100% Asbestos Free
Impact Resistant
Mould Resistant

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