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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Bioguard Acoustic is specially developed for controlled environments requiring acoustic flexibility and protection against bio-contamination. The Total Acoustics Performance (NRC+CAC), antimicrobial performance, and Clean Room performance features of these hygienic ceiling tiles make it the premier solution for healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and more.


Data Sheet

Ideal for Healthcare and Hygiene-sensitive Environments

Damp spaces with a high concentration of people are highly susceptible to bacteria and mould growth. Reduce contamination risk with KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Bioguard range of hygiene-grade antimicrobial ceiling products. With special treatment, ISO Class 3 and FED Class 100 could also be achieved. Sound attenuation features provide better privacy, improves concentration and productivity levels, making it the premier solution for healthcare facilities, commercial or educational rooms. KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong products are also third party tested and certified by industry leading Eco-classification, suitable for green building compliance.

Key Features


Mineral Fibre

Sound Absorption

NRC = 0.70

Sound Attenuation

CAC = 39 dB

Light Reflectance

≤ 88%


≅ 5.0 kg/m²

Clean Room

ISO 3 (Class 1)

Humidity Resistance

99% RH


Dry or moist cloth, disinfectant



Recycled Content

Up to 41%

Application Areas

  • Healthcare (Severe & High Risk Zones)
    Emergency rooms, burns units, oncology, ICU, ICCU, recovery and delivery rooms, operation theatres

  • Corridors / Lobbies
    Indoor areas with high humidity or high footfall

  • Pharmaceutical
    Improve concentration and minimize dispensing error
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
    (Cleanroom ISO4 Full Systems) Where eliminating the smallest particles is a key objective

  • Contaminant-free Areas
    Any hygiene-sensitive collaborative area to limit bio-contamination

  • Laboratories
    PC1 and PC2 Certified Facilities.

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