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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Bioguard Plain

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Bioguard Plain offers anti-microbial and anti-mold performance to assist with infection control against specific strains of bacteria, making it an ideal ceiling solution for hihg-risk healthcare environments. Bioguard ceiling tile’s water-repellant and washable surface can be easily cleaned with disinfectants without compromising the ceiling’s structural integrity or performance. With 87% light reflectance, Bioguard ceiling tiles are usually applied in corridors and other high footfall areas in healthcare facilities.


Data Sheet

Designed to Put Health & Safety at The Forefront

Contamination and infections in hospitals are a major concern. Harmful, disease-causing microbes are prone to grow on contaminated surfaces like ceilings due to its lack of accessibility for cleaning.

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Bioguard ceiling range addresses the issue with specially treated tiles that offer anti-microbial performance to assist with infection control and inhibit the growth of harmful microbes on the surface.

Key Features


Mineral Fibre

Sound Attenuation

CAC = 33 dB

Light Reflectance

≤ 89%


= 3.3 kg/m²

Clean Room

ISO 5 (Class 100)



Cleaning Method

Dry or wet cloth, damp sponge, disinfectant

Humidity Resistance


Application Areas

  • Healthcare 

    ICU, small surgery areas, radiology, delivery rooms, laboratories

  • Food Processing
    Kitchens, food service areas


  • Pharmaceutical 

  • High Tech Industrial
    Electrical, aerospace, optics, and energy sector facilities

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