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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Dune

The popular KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Dune mineral ceiling tiles offer a lightly textured and microperforated surface, combined with good sound absorption and sound attenuation performance. Furthermore, these ceiling panels offer superior humidity resistance. It is available in a range of sizes and edge profiles and offers outstanding value.


Data Sheet

Ideal for Enclosed Areas Indoors & Semi-Open Outdoor Environment

The non-directional, fine sanded microperforated surface is subtly textured, giving an understated yet elegant appearance. Reinforced scratch resistant durability means these ceiling tiles are cleanable with dry cloth or vacuum with soft brush attachment. KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong’s products are third party tested and certified by industry leading Eco-classification and deemed to be innovative, eco-preferable nature and likely to contribute points to various green building assessment.

Key Features


Mineral Fibre

Sound Absorption

NRC = 0.50

Sound Attenuation

CAC = 33 dB

Light Reflectance



≅ 3.8 - 4.00 kg/m²

Humidity Resistance

RH 99%

Recycled Content

Up to 33%


Dry or moist cloth

Application Areas

  • Commercial
    Offices, workspaces

  • Education
    Improve speech intelligibility and overall learning experience

  • Healthcare
    Improve indoor noise ambience, ideal for healing environments
    • Closed Plan Areas
      Improve sound attenuation for better concentration and privacy
    • Techzones
      Compatible with Modular Techzone integrated Systems.
    • Retail
  • Corridors & Lobbies

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