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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Baffles

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks Baffles range take lines to another level and creates a modern, linear visual that add to the depth and movement of the room. An attractive linear ceiling solution that screens the open plenum beautifully and adds panache to your signature spaces.


Data Sheet

Colour & Finishing

Ideal for Enclosed and High Traffic Semi Open Plenum Areas

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Amrstrong MetalWorks Baffles provides a freedom to design as linear or curved ceiling system that screens the open plenum with an extensive range of colour and wood effects.

Key Features


Extruded Aluminium

Fire Reaction

Class O


10.2 kg/m² - 19.8 kg/m² @ 100mm centres




Dry Cloth, Moist Cloth, Damp Sponge

Product Handling

Fully Demountable. Inherent void between baffle allow plenum access

Application Areas

  • Indoor Areas
    Corridors, reception areas, lobbies, atriums

  • Transport
    Airport terminals, train stations, bus terminal
  • Leisure Centres
    Waiting areas, restaurants

  • Commercial
    Offices, meeting rooms, retail spaces

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