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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Optra FG

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Optra FG soft fibre ceiling tiles reduces ambient noise in today’s building design. Available in black and white and special colours, KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Optra FG ceiling panels provide outstanding acoustical performance in open plan areas such as offices, classrooms, theatres & auditoriums.


Data Sheet

Outstanding Acoustical Performance for Open Spaces

Suitable for open spaces and large circulation areas requiring specialist acoustical performance, these lightweight soft fibre tiles offer exceptional 0.90-0.95 NRC sound absorption. Coupled with a high light reflective finish, these ceiling tiles are an ideal proposition for open plan spaces, auditoriums, and more.

Key Features


Soft Fibre

Sound Absorption

NRC = 0.90 (15mm) NRC = 0.95 (20mm)

Light Reflectance



≅ 1.88-2.38 kg/m²

Humidity Resistance

RH 95%

Recycled Content

Up to 85%


Dry or moist cloth

Application Areas

  • Offices
    Large meeting/conference rooms, Grade ‘A’ open plan offices

  • Call Centres
    Promote clarity of speech and improve concentration

  • Education
    Improve learning experience and speech intelligibility
  • Data Centres
    Reduce noise levels, increase user comfort, high light reflectance for better visibility

  • TECHZONE Ready
    Compatible with modular Techzone integrated systems

  • Theatres/ Auditoriums

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