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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Soundscapes Shapes

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong SoundScapes Shapes combine superior acoustic comfort with eye catching, striking visuals. Enhance acoustics in open areas with these designer acoustic soft fibre panels that are available in a range of colours, pre-formed into convex, concave, square, rectangle, circle shapes and more.


Data Sheet

Colour & Finishing

Superior Acoustics with Great Design Flexibility

SoundScapes Shapes improves the overall comfort of an individual’s working environment, offering excellent sound absorption and light reflectance. SoundScapes Shapes can retrofit to most ceiling systems in minutes and are the ideal solution for an area that suffers from background noise and reverberation. They can be installed individually, or suspended at different heights and angles or in an infinite array of groups and configurations. Use these soft fibre ceiling canopy system to provide a striking design in various shapes like triangles, trapezoids, and parallelograms; add colours including, Wood Effects, and the design possibilities are endless.

Key Features


Soft Fibre

Sound Absorption

2.48 Sabins per panel (based on Square Panel)
NRC equivalent of 0.95 (full ceiling application)

Light Reflectance

90% (for Traffic
White shade)

Fire Reaction

Conforms with NCC Spec. C1.10 as tested to AS 5637.1:2015 – Group 1, and ISO 5660 – Group 1 – S


4.9kgs - 10.1kgs (Dependent on size and shape)

Application Areas

  • Offices

  • Education

  • Reception & Lobbies

  • Restaurant & Lounges
  • Leisure Centres

  • Transport Terminals
    Airport, metro hubs

  • Naturally Lit Areas with Skylight

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