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KNAUF Danoline DANOtile

KNAUF Danoline DANOtile hygiene ceiling tiles are installed in an exposed T-grid. DANOtile meets some of the most rigorous requirements for cleaning and infection control, this robust ceiling tolerates tough cleaning and disinfection agents with pH levels from 2-13. Offering a white foil covered surface with a clean-cut look, these clean room certified gypsum ceiling tiles are highly used in healthcare facilities and kitchens.


Data Sheet

Clean-room & ISO Certified Demountable Hygiene Ceiling

DANOtile’s laminated foil-covered surface gives it excellent hygienic qualities as it can tolerate washing and tough cleaning and disinfection agents. Certified according to Danish Indoor Climate labelling, these tiles offer improved indoor quality and air purification with Cleaneo Technology. Made from gypsum, DANOtile is a 100% recyclable material. Being a demountable ISO 5 compliant hygiene ceiling with different classifications, DANOtile is ideal for various applications in the food and healthcare industry.

Key Features


100% Recyclable Gypsum

Light Reflectance

Up to 86.3%

Fire Reaction

B-s1, d0

Fire Resistance Duration

Up to 30 minutes (6.5mm thickness)


6.90 - 7.90 kg/m²

Clean Room

ISO 5 class - Rested for airborne particles according to ISO 146444-1

Environmental Product Declaration

Application Areas

  • Food & Beverage Industry
    Kitchens, food service areas, food processing areas, pastry laboratories, w

  • Healthcare
    R&D laboratories, hospitals, clinics, operations rooms

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