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HERADESIGN Superfine is a single layer magnesite bonded wood wool acoustic ceiling and wall panel. Made from ecologically sound materials, this range of high-quality and functional products are what sustainable acoustics looks like. Superfine panels are building biology recommended and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold (for white and natural colours).


Data Sheet

Creating Sustainable and Comfortable Spaces with Wood Wool Acoustic Solutions

Acoustics is one of the most important factors affecting the well-being and mood of people. Thanks to their outstanding sound absorption and sustainable material design, HERADESIGN wood wool acoustic solutions can make a major contribution to enhancing well-being and improving concentration. In addition to receiving the “building biology harmlessness” certificate, these panels truly offer acoustic performance with a green conscience. 

Key Features


Wood wool

Sound Absorption

Up to 1.00

Sound Attenuation

Up to 30 dB

Light Reflectance

~72% white (similar RAL 9010)
~55% natural color


15mm, 25mm & 35mm


7.8 - 16.5 kg/m²

Fire Reaction

Bomba Class O

Impact Resistance

Class 1A / EN13964 and DIN 18032

Humidity Resistance

Up to 90% RH


Soft Brush, Vacuum Cleaner

Recycled Content

17 - 25%



Application Areas

  • Interior spaces


  • Roofed Outdoor Areas
    Not directly exposed to the environment

  • Education
    Classrooms, schools, libraries
  • Leisure, Sports & Recreational Facilities
    Indoor swimming pools, spas, gymnasiums

  • Entertainment
    Cinemas, theatres

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