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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions HERADESIGN Superfine

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions HERADESIGN® Superfine wood wool acoustic ceiling and wall panels are made from ecologically sound is a single layer magnesite bonded wood wool. This range of high-quality and functional wood wool panels are what sustainable acoustics looks like. Superfine panels are building biology recommended and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold (for white and natural colours). These wood wool panels are ideal for use in interior spaces as well as roofed outdoor areas.


Data Sheet

Creating Sustainable and Comfortable Spaces with Wood Wool Acoustic Solutions

Acoustics is one of the most important factors affecting the well-being and mood of people. Thanks to their outstanding sound absorption and sustainable material design, HERADESIGN wood wool acoustic solutions can make a major contribution to enhancing well-being and improving concentration. In addition to receiving the “building biology harmlessness” certificate, these panels truly offer acoustic performance with a green conscience. 

Key Features


Wood wool

Sound Absorption

Up to 1.00

Sound Attenuation

Up to 30 dB

Light Reflectance

~72% white (similar RAL 9010)
~55% natural color


15mm, 25mm & 35mm


7.8 - 16.5 kg/m²

Fire Reaction

Bomba Class O

Impact Resistance

Class 1A / EN13964 and DIN 18032

Humidity Resistance

Up to 90% RH


Soft Brush, Vacuum Cleaner

Recycled Content

17 - 25%



Application Areas

  • Interior spaces


  • Roofed Outdoor Areas
    Not directly exposed to the environment

  • Education
    Classrooms, schools, libraries
  • Leisure, Sports & Recreational Facilities
    Indoor swimming pools, spas, gymnasiums

  • Entertainment
    Cinemas, theatres

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