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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks R-H200

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks R-H200 is a versatile custom metal plank design that offers a broad range of sizes, perforations and finishes. The concealed grid directional hook-on panels provide a simple, monolithic look which is easy to install and is maintenance-friendly. These Metalworks R-H200 ceiling panels offer a unique aesthetic with the added benefit of good acoustic performance. Available in galvanised steel for interior and exterior applications, and aluminium planks for interior uses.


Data Sheet

Colour & Finishing

Ceiling Tiles for Large Open Plan Areas

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks R-H200 Lay-in ceiling tiles offers a versatile system with a simple look that has diverse applications. These metal ceiling panels are installed with a fully concealed ceiling system and come with a variety of perimeter options. Achieve greater design flexibility with our wide choice of custom mesh options, perforations, and edge details for installation on Armstrong suspension systems. This cost effective ceiling solution is easily assembled and fully demountable.

Key Features


Galvanized Steel, Aluminium

Sound Absorption

Up to NRC 0.80

Fire Reaction

Class O


Non-perforated, Micro-perforation, Standard Perforation


≈ 8.07 kg/m²


Dry cloth, moist cloth, damp sponge


Impact Resistance

Product Handling

100% downward demountable without tooling

Application Areas

  • Open Plan/ Circulation Areas
    Foyers, passages, halls, corridors, lobbies, atriums

  • Transportation Hubs
    Airports, bus or train stations
  • Education
    Lecture theatres, universities, libraries

  • Commercial/Retail Spaces
    Restaurants, offices

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