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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Axiom Clouds

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Axiom Clouds offer a crisp, neat visual over bended steels. Compatible with standard KNAUF Ceiling Solutions ceiling panels and exposed suspension systems, choose from various canopy designs such as Classic, Knife Edge and Classic Curves. Enjoy a bespoke visual and custom design options with standard components that are easy to install and remove with screw driver.


Data Sheet

Aluminium Cloud Ceiling Perimeter Trims for Dramatic Visuals

Axiom Clouds solutions are made from lightweight extruded aluminium and use galvanized steel clips or T-Bars. Added with a durable polyester powdercoat finish, you can expect a sleek, neat profiles and allow additional creativity in your ceiling spaces.

Application Areas

  • Commercial
    Offices, large meeting rooms, retail spaces, shopping malls

  • Lobbies & Reception Areas

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