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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Prelude XL35

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Prelude XL35 exposed tee grid system is engineered and designed to coordinate with KNAUF Ceiling Solutions ceiling panel range. Cross tees provide secure connections to main runners in Prelude XL35, while the secure Superlock clip provides better alignment and is easier to disconnect when access to the ceiling soffit is needed for maintenance purposes.


Data Sheet

Robust & General Purpose Exposed Grid Systems

The hot dipped galvanized coating inhibits red rusting better than electrogalvanized, painted or tin plated systems. The PeakForm bulb design increases strength and stability for improved performance, and allows better ease of cutting. This grid system offers faster and easier installation of XL cross tees, tighter tee to tee connection, and better load carrying capability.

Application Areas

  • Commercial
    Office, meeting rooms, retail spaces, shopping centres

  • Education
    Schools, classrooms

  • Hospitality
    Lobbies, lounges, reception areas

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