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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Fine Fissured

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Fine Fissured mineral wool ceiling panels offer a non-directional visual, standard acoustics, RH99 humidity resistance, and concealed or tongue-and-groove installation. Available in tiles or plank options, this series of panels are part of the SUSTAIN portfolio, and meet the most stringent industry sustainability compliance standards today.


Data Sheet

Combine Versatility, Sustainability & Acoustical Performance

Offering a non-directional fissured surface, these KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Fine Fissured mineral ceiling tiles provide a cost-effective solution for Class C sound absorption, ideal for meeting rooms and waiting areas.

Key Features


Mineral Fibre

Sound Absorption

NRC = 0.60

Sound Attenuation

CAC = 35 dB

Light Reflectance



≅ 3.2 kgs/m²

Humidity Resistance

RH 99%

Recycled Content

Up to 39%


Dry or moist cloth

Application Areas

  • Commercial Offices
    Improve working productivity over hard surface ceilings by absorbing and attenuating unwanted noise.

  • Schools & Learning Institutions
    Improve learning quality

  •  Retail
    Minimize distractions and improve retail experience by treating excessive noise reverberation
  • Healthcare
    Improve indoor noise ambiance level; ideal for healing environment.

  • Industrial/Factories
    Improve working and production productivity

  • Corridors & Lobbies

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