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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks C-Plank & S-Plank

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks C-Plank and S-Plank ceiling tiles provide a contemporary monolithic linear visual to any space. Available in a range of panel widths and finishes including wood effects, these aluminium ceiling planks are also durable, washable, and scratch resistant. Furthermore, the microperforated panel options provide good acoustical performance. Metalworks C-Planks and S-Planks are fast and easy to install with minimal plenum clearance.


Data Sheet

Colour & Finishing

Ideal Ceiling Solutions for Large Open Spaces or Corridors

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Metalworks C-Plank and S-Plank provide a monolithic linear visual that works well in large open spaces or corridors. Installed with an extended metal concealed suspension grid, these metal ceiling panels result in a closed, smooth surface. Available in different profile widths, the microperforated panel option also provides a fast and easy ceiling solution for good acoustical performance. Hence, Metalworks C-planks and S-planks are ideal for use in busy transportation hubs, atriums, reception areas, or other retail spaces.

Key Features



Fire Reaction

Class O


5.2 kg/m²


Non-perforated, micro-perforated


Dry Cloth, Wet Cloth, Damp Sponge

Product Handling


Application Areas

  • Commercial
    Offices, meeting rooms, retail spaces, restaurants

  • Healthcare
    Hospitals, clinics
  • Education
    Universities, schools, lecture theatres, libraries

  • High Traffic Indoor Areas
    Corridors, foyers, atriums, reception areas, lobbies, airports, train stations

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