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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Soundscapes Canopies

The curved KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong SoundScapes Canopies visually define spaces and provide spot acoustical absorption. Enhance the aesthetics and acoustics of open plenum spaces, especially perfect for exposed structure applications or retrofitted into an existing space. Adjustable to special heights, these soft fibre ceiling canopies provide an ideal solution for unwanted noise and reverberation. The hill and valley shapes are available in both standard and custom colours, coordinating well with SoundScapes Shapes. 


Data Sheet

Two-faced Acoustics for Greater Sound Absorption in Open Plenums

Made from glasswool substrate with durable acoustically transparent scrim to all faces, SoundScapes Acoustical Canopies provide greater sound absorption than a continuous ceiling of the same surface area because the sound is absorbed from both the front and back surfaces. Hence, installation of these canopies in a reverberant space can significantly reduce background noise and reverberation time, enhancing speech intelligibility.

Key Features


Soft Fibre

Sound Absorption

Dependent on size (Please refer to data sheet)

Light Reflectance


Fire Reaction

Class A as per


Large Canopy - 23 kgs/ panel
Small Canopy - 8.5 kgs/ panel

Application Areas

  • Commercial 
    Offices, breakout spaces, large conference rooms

  • Retail
    Shopping malls
  • Indoor Areas
    Corridors, reception areas, lobbies, atriums

  • Auditoriums

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