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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Classic Lite

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Classic Lite mineral ceiling tiles offer a non-directional pin hole visual and provides a cost-effective solution for balanced sound absorption and attenuation. High light reflectance contributes to brightening the space and increasing energy savings. Furthermore, the HUMIGUARD® Plus (RH99) feature helps these Classic Lite ceiling tiles maintain superior sag resistance in humid environments, minimizing the need for replacements.


Data Sheet

Cost-effective Solutions for Balanced Acoustic Performance and Durability

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Classic Lite ceiling tiles’ non-directional visual reduces installation time and scraps. With good levels of acoustic performance, light reflectance, and humidity resistance, this solution is applicable to a broad range of areas and sectors. As with most products from KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong, this series is third party tested and certified by industry leading Eco-classification, deemed to be of eco-preferable nature and likely to contribute points to various green building assessments fro your building project.

Key Features


Mineral Fibre

Sound Absorption

NRC = 0.55

Sound Attenuation

CAC = 33 dB

Light Reflection



≅ 3.19 kgs/m²

Humidity Resistance

RH 99%

Recycled Content

Up to 39%

Cleaning Method

Dry or wet cloth

Application Areas

  • Commercial
    Offices and workspaces; reduce unwanted noise

  • Education
    Universities, schools, libraries; improve learning quality

  • Healthcare
    Hospitals, clinics; improve indoor noise ambiance
  • Retail & Manufacturing
    Minimize distraction and improve retail experience by treating excessive noise reverberation. Improve work and production productivity.

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