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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Feltworks Baffles

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Feltworks Baffles transforms mundane to modern with a soft visual texture that quietens down interiors, absorbing up to 80% of the sound that strikes them. Easy installation with standard aluminium suspension carrier and engineered suspension systems. Feltworks products are Eco-Preferable which meets the most stringent industry sustainability standards today.


Data Sheet

Transform Mundane Interiors into Modern Spaces with Soft Acoustic Baffles

Feltworks Baffles for ceilings and walls offer excellent sound absorption properties, making them suitable choices for areas that require good acoustic performance. Made of Eco-preferable material with low VOC emission, this product contains high percentage of recycled content. These panels are homogeneous with throughout colour, cleanable, impact resistant, scratch resistant, and easily demountable.

Key Features


Polyester Felt

Sound Absorption

Up to 0.80

Recycled Content

> 50%


Impact Resistance, Mold & Mildew Resistance


Scratch Resistance

Application Areas

  • Education
    Universities, schools, libraries

  • Leisure Centres
    Gymnasiums, lounges, hotels, waiting areas

  • Circulation Areas
    Foyers, halls, corridors, stairs, lobbies, atriums

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