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KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Dune Max

KNAUF Ceiling Solutions Armstrong Dune Max mineral ceiling tiles have a microperforated, finely sanded surface. These ceiling tiles are engineered to offer improved levels of sound absorption and sound attenuation. Paired with good light reflectance properties, it is a great choice for classrooms and other areas requiring greater acoustical control and reduced reverberation.


Data Sheet

Economical Ceiling Panels for Acoustic Performance 

Getting the acoustics right is easy with TOTAL ACOUSTICS ceilings, providing the ideal combination of sound absorption and sound blocking in one ceiling panel. This is especially useful in educational settings where speech intelligibility is a crucial factor for a good learning experience. High light reflectance leads to a brighter space and increased energy savings, which is always a plus.

Key Features


Mineral Fibre

Sound Absorption

NRC = 0.70

Sound Attenuation

CAC = 33 dB

Light Reflectance



≅ 5.2 kg/m²

Humidity Resistance

RH 99%

Recycled Content

Up to 39%


Dry or moist cloth

Application Areas

  • Grade A Mixed Open/Closed Office Space
    For flexible space utilization, reducing the need for full height walls.

  • Classrooms & Education Facilities
    Improve learning conditions and remove distractions

  • Open Spaces (Cafeteria, Library, Call Centre)
    For improved concentration, privacy and productivity
  • Healthcare
    Improve indoor noise ambience levels for an ideal healing environment

  • Techzone-Ready
    Compatible with Modular Techzone Integrated Systems

  • Corridors & Lobbies

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